Hire Accounts Receivable Specialists

Are unsettled accounts receivable leading to time-consuming collection burdens for your business? Is your business growing rapidly and generating pressures on your finance department to deal with a backlog of uncollected client credits?
Well, upscaling your Accounts Department to deal with credits and collections may be all you need to get your credits back under control.
Accounts receivable specialists can take the pressure off your existing finance function, taking over time-consuming credit follow up and financial report. This function can be easily and cost-effectively offshored to low cost labour markets like the Philippines through Kinetic Staffing Solutions.
Our Customer Account experts will guide you through the recruitment, selection and post appointment processes. Kinetic Innovative Solutions can assist you with services including and not limited the following:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Collections
  • Compensation Accounts
  • Customer Accounts
  • Reporting
  • Specialist Accounts Services

Outsource Finance and Accounting to the Philippines