Hire .Net Developers
Software developers of all types are in high demand in Australia, which drive can local development costs upwards. Outsourcing the software development function to countries with lower cost labour markets like the Philippines delivers significant cost savings without having to sacrifice quality.


There is an extremely large pool of well trained and experienced .net developers in the Philippines and the Software Specialist team at Kinetic are experts in matching developers to roles in Australia.


The most important aspect of placing a developer to a role is matching their specific skills and experience with the task at hand.


English language skills are also critical when it comes to building new software and so we carry out extensive testing and analysis of their experience before presenting them to you as a candidate. It is a sought after career in the Philippines, and so companies will have a good selection of excellent candidates to choose from.


Kinetic can provide staffing solutions for .net development including but not limited to the following tasks, skills, and programs:


  • Ajax
  • Custom Software Development
  • Framework Tasks
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Stack
  • Visual Basic .NET

Outsource Web Development to the Philippines