Hire Quality Assurance Specialists
Quality assurance specialists play an important role in the businesses that are developing new software, apps or other technology to do business. The specific attributes and skills required for quality assurance roles varies greatly depending on the type of software used, and/or the capacities of the software as well as who the end user will be.
Quality Assurance Specialists can come at a high cost in Australia, and so offshoring this function to a low cost labour market like the Philippines can be a cost effective alternative.
At Kinetic we fully understand the complexity involved in matching the most appropriate skillset to the specific role, and so we make sure that we fully understand the job requirements, and dig deep in the initial search phase, in order to ensure we bring you only the most relevant candidates to review.
Kinetic can provide staffing solutions for Quality Assurance including but not limited to the following tasks, skills, and programs:

  • Test Engineering
  • Quality Administration
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Six Sigma
  • Systems Engineering
  • Bug Fixing and Regression Testing

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